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Meet Our Team




Born in Gabon, raised in between Paris and Madrid. Already a French and Spanish speaker, Lorenzo moved to London to learn English. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Lorenzo shortly started an events company deciding thereafter that property is what he really wanted to be involved in. So he took his first venture in the industry in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since!



Office Manager

Half Norwegian half Japanese. Simon has spent the lion's share of his life around the world immersing himself into new cultures and learning new languages. He moved to London at 18, and with a start in the hospitality industry, he moved into the property sector establishing himself at Manage Your Place.




Nelson is a Londoner with a Parisian background. A young professional who has extensive experience working in property both in Paris and London. Always available and involved for his clients, he will make sure to help you find accommodation that suits you. Outside the office, he enjoys a relaxed lifestyle, spending time with friends and catching up on the latest fashion trends, he is big into his fashion (being from Paris).

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